Thursday, June 26, 2014

How to Uninstall Google Talk from Windows?

Did you have problem with uninstalling Google Talk? Google Talk, released by Google Inc, is freeware voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) client application. Just like other messenger programs, Google Talk provides text chat and voice chat. Google Talk provides various versions for the Android operating system, as well as Microsoft Windows (XP, Server 2003, Vista, and Windows 7) and Google Chrome OS. This article is mainly about how to uninstall Google Talk from windows system.

Common way to uninstall Google Talk completely

1. Click your Start Menu, and then click Control Panels.

 2. On the interface, click Add/Remove Programs to open it.

 3. After all programs are listed, locate Google Talk and then click Uninstall next to it.

 4. Follow the instructions to continue to uninstall Google Talk.

Windows system provides add/remove programs for users to uninstall any unwanted program. But it could not uninstall Google Talk completely as some registry entries will remain in windows registry. You need to remove those useless Google Talk entries or it may conflict with other programs, slow down your system and cause system errors.

Remove files and registry entries related to Google Talk.

1. Click on Start button and then click Search.

 2. Fill in the first blank with Google Talk and then click Local Hard Drives as the scale, then click Search.

 3. Delete all the files in the name of Google Talk.

 4. Back to Start and then go to Run.

 5. Type regedit to activate Regestry Editor.

 6. Under the folders, find out all related folders and click them.

 7. Delete all the entries on the Right.

 8. Restart your computer.
How to uninstall Google Talk easily and entirely

Do you think the above method is too time-consuming? Did the windows add/remove program fail to uninstall Google Talk? Do not worry. Here is a 100% guaranteed solution.

To easier uninstall Google Talk, you need a third party uninstaller. Is this your first time hear about an uninstaller tool? In fact, lots of computer users equip their computer with one. Perfect Uninstaller is one of the most popular choices, as it is powerful to uninstall Google Talk and any other programs completely.

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