Monday, June 16, 2014

Anti-Virus&Trojan Uninstall Help

Anti-Virus&Trojan is famous for its prominent ability in detecting virus. And this ability is based on the frequent upgrade of its database. the upgrade is so often that each time you reboot your computer you will new feature s waiting to be added to the Anti-Virus&Trojan. Some customers complain that the upgrading process regularly fail to complete so that have to finish manually. What’s more, there are also some customers complaining Anti-Virus&Trojan using up too many resources and various features of Anti-Virus&Trojan are incompatible with Windows Vista

How to uninstall Anti-Virus&Trojan manually?

1) Find the “start” button on the lower left corner of your monitor, and then click it.

2) Find and double click the button “Control Panel”.

3) Find “Add / Remove Program” icon in the control panel, and then double click it.

4) Find the Anti-Virus&Trojan icon in the list, and then select it to start uninstalling it from your computer.

 Don’t be too happy when you finished all these four steps, because for some reasons, Anti-Virus&Trojan will be failed to be uninstalled because some reasons and this happen often. If you came up with this problem, I am afraid you have to uninstall Anti-Virus&Trojan from your computer’s registry.

 You are not suggested to try this method manually for it is difficult to discriminate which registry belongs to Anti-Virus&Trojan, and which one not. Forgetting to delete one of Anti-Virus&Trojan’s registries will remain Anti-Virus&Trojan in your computer. The worse situation is that when you mis-delete even if one registry which not belong to Anti-Virus&Trojan, but it is crucial for the system, you will mess up your computer. That will be a nightmare, right?

 A professional uninstall software can save your time and prevent you from messing up your PC. It will dig into the system to find out Anti-Virus&Trojan’s corresponding registry one by one, and then delete them together and completely. Anti-Virus&Trojan will be removed from your computer completely through this method. Compared with so much searching work, you just need to click your mouse several times to uninstall Anti-Virus&Trojan from your PC by using Perfect Uninstaller.

 Now move your mouse here, take the first click to free download Perfect Uninstaller to your computer. And Anti-Virus&Trojan will be disappeared completely from your computer after several minutes.


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