Wednesday, June 18, 2014

How to Remove SweetIM in a Free Way

Are you tired to remove SweetIM using “Add or Remove Programs” in Control Panel?

Do you feel frustrated that you have uninstalled SweetIM, but get an error message saying it is not working correctly?

After the program was supposedly removed, it came back again when you restarted Firefox. This was so annoying. How to completely delete SweetIM if you don’t want to restore your Operating System? You could learn its removal instructions as following. And you will not worry about that problem anymore.
How to uninstall SweetIM using Control Panel?
If it is not corrupted, you could delete it with several steps.

On Windows XP:
Go to the “Start” menu

Select “Control Panel”

Select “Add or Remove Programs”

Select SweetIM

Click Change/Remove

Follow on-screen prompts to remove SweetIM

On Windows Vista or Windows 7:

Go to the “Start” menu

Select “Settings”

Select “Control Panel”

Select “Programs and Features”

Select SweetIM

Click Uninstall

Follow on-screen prompts to remove SweetIM

To completely get rid of SweetIM, you have to clean up its related registry entries.

1.Click Start Menu again, and then open Run.

2.Type regedit and press OK to open the Registry Editor.

3.Scroll down the all the folders to find and delete every key related to SweetIM

4.Restart your computer to make this removal complete.

How to fully remove SweetIM from your computer using Uninstall Tool?

The operations above are little more complicated. If you make any mistakes during editing registry, your system will be in danger. In this case, enabling a professional uninstall tool like Perfect Uninstaller is your best option to uninstall SweetIM easily and thoroughly.

1. Download a professional uninstall tool (Perfect Uninstaller recommended).

2. Activate it and highlight SweetIM on the programs list.

3. Click Uninstall and then follow the instructions to completely uninstall SweetIM

 If you are eager to uninstalling it easily, try Perfect Uninstaller and you will fall in love with it!





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